Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. HI-TEK warranty is valid only in Thailand for 1 year from the date purchased (6 months for Metal Halide lamp)
  2. The warranty covers only HI-TEK products that are purchased from HI-TEK’s dealers and directly from Thai Electricity International Co.,Ltd. only.
  3. The warranty provides free of charge of parts and service for only HI-TEK products that is incomplete or damaged in production process.
  4. The warranty is invalid under the following conditions:
  • The products are damaged by transportation, stored or assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, altered, abused or misused.
  • The products are altered, repaired or modified by persons other than technicians from Thai Electricity International or registered dealers.
  • The products are damaged from natural calamity, electrical supply fluctuation, animals, insects and fungi.


  1. Your product will be replaced under the following conditions:
  • The products are purchased from HI-TEK’s dealers and directly fromThai Electricity International Co.,Ltd. only.
  • The products are damaged in production process and our cannot be repaired by Thai Electricity International Co.,Ltd or registered dealers.
  • When replaced with new product, the return one must be in a complete condition including package.
  1. The products that cannot be replaced in any cases are products on sale, products from stock clearance, and display / sample products.
  2. Repaired products must be picked up within 30 days after we contact back.

Process & Estimated timeline

Process Days
1. Investigation
2. Informing results
1-3 Days
3. Repairing 14 Days