Privacy policy company’s website confidentiality policy regarding the protection of personal data of the customers or website visitors is as follows:

Customer communication will contact you via e-mail and telephone only. The initial contact will be via e-mail and the purpose of contact will always be indicated in the e-mail subject heading.
If you would like to contact us, whether regarding goods or any other matter, you can do so either via the “Contact Us” page, e-mail or telephone as indicated on all pages of our websites. We will contact you back within one day.

Visiting website
You can visit website to search for the Company’s goods and services without having to provide us with your personal data. If you would like to receive news from the Company, you can registerand subscribe to our newsletter as specified by the Company. You can also terminate your subscription by sending an e-mail to
The Company’s website is continuously revised. The Company may use certain equipment or software to collect data on visitors’ search behaviors and use them to improve our website for efficient access to our target groups.Collected data will include: [1) Access date and time, 2) Visited webpages, 3) Website visit duration, 4) Types of search, 5) Internet service provider, and 6) Visits to other websites both before and after visiting the Company’s website]. may examine search behaviors and service uses of customers who are members of our website. As part of the website’s safety process, the Company may use a cookie to verify website visitor authenticity. “Cookies” are data sent from the Website to a visitor’s computer whentheyvisit the Company’s website. The “cookie” installed by the Company’s website will collect the following data about you:
• [IP Address
• Type of web browser used to access the website
• Visited web pages
• Access Time
• Referring Website]

Collection and storage of personal data
Personal data of customers will only be used specifically for the Company’s operational and lawful purposes, which include improvement of service efficiency, goods or services designs and better promotional offers to meet customer demands. Customers’ personal data will not be used, collected or stored for any other purposes.
Never the less, in the case where the Company wishes to collect data for any purpose other than those mentioned above, the Company will directly request such personal data from you.
If you choose to provide us with the following personal data through our membership application process
• First-Last names
• Address
• Email address, telephone or fax numbers
as well as data on your business activities or transactions, the Company will keep such data confidential in accordance with the standard criteria for data confidentiality under the Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data of the Company’s customers will be collected and stored for the duration of business communication between you and the Company. Moreover, once the Company receives your e-mail we will keep the content, address and communication of such e-mails for the purposes of answering your enquiry or for the monitoring and checking of the Company-customer communication regarding the correction of the matter of your enquiry.

Disclosure of personal data will not refer or sell your personal data to any outsider for unauthorized purposes. Moreover, the Company will not disclose your personal data to any other organization unless: 1. You have requested and authorized the Company’s website to do so; 2. The referred data are used to complete the commencement of your transaction; or 3. Such disclosure is permitted or required by law. For example, www.thaielectricity.commay be requested to disclose personal data of the Company’s customers by a court order,a subpoena or by any other organization with the statutory authority. In such case, will always contact you beforehand.
www.thaielectricity.commay enter into an agreement with a third party to develop and maintain the Company’s e-commerce system and to allocate resources or services on behalf of the Company. The third party who operates for or on behalf of the Company must agree to keep the personal data of website customers confidential as well. The said third party must also be obliged by applicable laws. Whenever the www.thaielectricity.comengages any organization to provide support to the Company’s services, such organization must also observe the Company’s confidentiality standard practices.

Data protection procedures will strictly uphold applicable safety standards to provide protection against any damage or unauthorized access to your personal data.

Maintaining data accuracy
www.thaielectricity.comhas set up a process to ensure that your data is accurate, up to date and complete according to business standards. In addition, the Company also has a process for the correcting of erroneous data upon your request in which you can log-in and correct the data yourself or you may send a correction request e-mail to

Data accuracy checking has set up a process for data accuracy checking both in terms of technical programing and verification from your ID card data [as is].